At AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale, we see many different injuries and illnesses everyday. We are able to treat all accidental injuries that are not life-threatening and provide medical treatment for everyday illnesses. Emergency rooms often have long wait times and expensive costs. AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale is the perfect alternative care option when you need it. 

Illnesses that require treatment

No person enjoys getting sick. It is even worse when you cannot schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to get the medication you need to feel better. AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale is able to diagnose and provide you treatment for multiple illnesses. 

Influenza or cold

We offer flu tests and vaccines for all patients. Depending on your symptoms, we can give you the best recommendations on medications to take to alleviate any pain or congestion. If you have a fever, sore throat, cough, or congestion, then we can help diagnose your illness. 

Strep throat or mono

Rapid strep tests are another common reason to visit an urgent care in the winter season. Once we collect a sample, rapid results are available within ten minutes, and culture results are available in a few days. From here, we can provide an antibiotic or other recommendations based on your results. We are also able to provide tests for mono. This can help you determine where that fatigue and sore throat have come from. 

Allergic Reactions

If you notice a sudden rash or have an allergic reaction to something, we are able to provide treatment. This includes allergic reactions to food, environmental factors, and more. If this is an emergency setting that affects your breathing quality, you should go to an emergency room. 

Emergency physical injury

Broken bones can happen from everyday life, and they are always when you least expect them. AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale offers digital x-rays and lab services that can help patients receive treatment quickly. Our physicians can analyze all injuries to determine the best treatment options, such as a hard cast or stitches.

Broken bones

Broken bones are no fun, but our digital x-ray can see just how bad your injury is. Some bones may feel broken and appear swollen or bruised, but only require splints for fractured bones. In the winter season, we see an increase in broken wrist and hand bones due to slipping on the ice. Whether you have a broken finger, ankle, or arm, AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale can help. 

Lacerations and stitches

Patients may need stitches for a number of reasons. From children to adults, stitches are a part of life. Our physicians can provide information on the cut itself, leading to how many stitches may be necessary and providing necessary pain medication if needed. If you have a cut that is profusely bleeding, you should seek care at the emergency room.