AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale offers a variety of medical services. Patients can visit our facilities during extended hours 7 days a week without having to set up an appointment. While we accept the majority of insurance plans, there will be significant discount rate for patients without healthcare coverage as well.


Urgent Care

Abdominal Pain Diarrhea Kidney Infection
Abscess Dizziness Migraine
Aches & Pains Earache & Infection Nausea
Acne Ear Cleaning Pink Eye
Adult Vaccines Ear Pain Pneumonia
Allergies EKG Prostatis
Anxiety Fever Rashes
Asthma Flu/Influenza Sinus Pain/Sinusitis
Athlete’s Foot Headache Skin Irritation & Infection
Bites & Rashes Heartburn Sore Throat
Bladder Infections Hemorrhoids Staph Infections
Blood Tests High Blood Pressure Strep Throat
Blood Work Hypertension Swimmer’s Ear
Bronchitis Hypothermia Urinary Tract Infection
Cold Sores Illness Vomiting
Colds Infections Virus
Cough Inner Ear Infection Warts
Dehydration Joint Injections Wheezing
Diabetes Joint Pain

Digital X-Ray Services On-Site:
our X-Ray staffs are well trained and able to provide the results very quickly. We will also give you a copy of your X-Ray to discuss further with your PCP.

Lab Work: Our laboratory is CLIA certified and onsite lab testing results come out right away.

Occupational Medical Services: AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale provides the following occupational medical services:

  • Work Related Injuries/Illnesses
  • Pre-Employment/Pre-Placement, Executive, Annual and DOT Physical Examinations
  • DOT and Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Drug and Alcohol Randomization Programs
  • Audiometry and Spirometry
  • On Site Immunization Clinics (i.e. Flu)
  • International Travel Health Programs

Vaccinations & Physicals: We offer a wide range of vaccinations and physicals for the following:

  • School, Sport and Camp physicals
  • USCIS Immigration physicals
  • Preoperative Testing and Clearance
  • Travel Medication and Other Vaccines (i.e. Flu,  PPD/TB, Hepatitis A & B, Yellow Fever, Typhoid Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, MMR, Varicella and Polio)