Believe it or not, Stress Awareness Month was not an official campaign until 1992. It seems hard to conceive, but stress relief as a term or necessary way to manage the daily hassles and difficulties everyone experiences were not really talked about either. Even if the term has become more and more used in the science and pop culture vernacular, some still have a hard time putting a hard definition and plan of action forward. To clear things up, here are some easy ways to help in understanding stress relief.

April is Stress Awareness Month

The key to understanding stress is as simple as relating it to various times in life where things get tough. Jobs, relationships, and even regular, everyday tasks sometimes become stressful. Change often brings stress into the picture, as does conflict. Overall, stress is the act of negatively responding to a stimulus, like the number of influences listed above. During April, Stress Awareness Month aims to help individuals understand and treat stress more effectively.

Making Time for Stress Relief

Many use April and Stress Awareness Month as an opportunity to make a resolution for relief. These relief-based resolutions aim to help take time during the day to treat and relieve stress. Some of the most popular ways to do so are exercise, participating in a hobby, and engaging with a popular form of entertainment.

The trick is making sure that time is allocated for it. For example, if a busy workday ends at 6 in the evening, make sure to carve out a half hour or more after work to participate in a stress relieving activity. Relief is crucial to handling the more upsetting, stressful things that occur from day to day.

Assessing Source of Stress

If a few consistent things can be pointed to as causes for stress, changes may need to happen. Even something as important as a job or living situation, which can be difficult to transition in and out of, are detrimental to mental health when causing stress. Stress takes a toll on the heart, brain, and body.

Changes to a solid routine can be challenging to make, but when it comes to stress, it is very much a matter of health. Ensuring time for stress relief and an understanding of stressors at work and home help to handle its effects. When implementing stress relief tactics, they slowly become a habit, assisting in the experience of stress.