Monster & Ghouls aren’t the only things that you have to be afraid of this October! Most people start to forget that flu season is from the begging of September to the end of December!  Yes, that’s right, the flu is still here & at large! Of course, some of you reading this may think “I already got my flu shot so what this there to worry about?” The flu shot is not 100% effective & because of this, you should still practice proper hand washing techniques throughout your day!

How much should you wash your hands a day?

There is no set time to wash your hands during the day, however, you should be washing your hands very frequently throughout the day. Just be mindful about when your hands could be potentially carrying a lot of germs. For example, when you are about to cook food, touch an infant, put your hand in your mouth (eating) or even rubbing your eyes/face you should always wash your hands before. When we think about the number of germs that are airborne just like the flu virus we are at risk.

How long should you wash your hands?

If you are washing your hands after you use the bathroom but just throwing water on them, you are not washing your hands. Studies show that the correct amount of time to wash your hands is between 30-45 seconds. If you have kids you should tell them to sing happy birthday while washing their hands. We know that you will not always be near a sink to wash your hands so there are alternatives.

How would washing hands protect against the flu

Washing your hands protects against the flu because the flu virus needs to enter your body to become effective. Your hands carry thousands of germs daily, & most of them aren’t harmful. The ones that are harmful & can enter through your mouth or eyes. We hope these tips were helpful in combatting the flu!