Getting stitches is something that many people will experience in their lifetime as one of the most common medical procedures performed at urgent care centers. Stitches are used when a cut or laceration is too severe to heal and close on its own, which can be determined by several factors. If you suffer from a cut, take these things into consideration when determining if you should seek medical treatment

The Size of the Cut

The size of a cut plays a big role in determining if you need stitches. A cut that is larger than ½ inch long or ½ inch deep will need stitches. Any cut that is large enough to be gaping open or that exposes fatty tissue, muscle, or bone, will also require stitches. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. Even if your cut is smaller than ½ an inch, if you think you need stitches, get the opinion of a medical professional! 

The Amount of Blood

A cut that won’t stop bleeding is another warning sign that you probably need stitches. When you get cut, apply direct, firm pressure to the area to help slow the bleeding. If the bleeding has not slowed or stopped after 10 minutes, you will likely need to get stitches. Blood that is spurting out of a cut is a sign of a cut artery and will also require stitches. Continue to apply pressure to the bleeding area until you reach an urgent care center. 

The Location of the Cut

Certain areas of your body are more likely to need stitches than others. This is because those areas affect your cosmetically, are generally more sensitive, or will have difficulty healing. Your face, groin region, and any joints are the most notable locations that are almost guaranteed to need stitches. Cuts that are on a joint will continue to open each time the joint is bent, unless stitches help hold it together while it heals. 

Laceration Treatment & Stitches in Hillsdale, NJ

When you need stitches, getting quick and reliable care is important. AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale offer an option that is close to home, offers short wait times, and provides efficient care at an affordable rate. AFC Urgent Care Hillsdale is fully equipped with an on-site laboratory and radiology department, where our staff is able to perform x-rays, give stitches, and nearly any other non-life-threatening emergency care that you need! Most major insurance providers are accepted. For questions, please call 201-523-9222.