This is the perfect time of year to go camping. The beautiful weather and extra time most people have in the summer creates the perfect combination. Camping is a great way to unplug and disconnect from the everyday stress in your life. Unfortunately, many people’s camping get-away takes an unsafe turn very quickly. Follow these safety tips to make sure you’re not only a happy camper but a safe one too!


Camping shouldn’t be planned last minute. You should prepare by researching where you’re going to be staying, gathering everything you need for the trip, and learning about the possible dangers you might encounter. Different park environments can come with various risks. Give the park a call and ask staff if there’s anything, in particular, you need to be aware of.

Fire Safety

Having a fire is an essential part of any camping trip. Making sure your light is safe could not only protect you but all of the other people and animals around you. Follow the park rules regarding where you can have a fire and how big it can be. Keep your campfire contained in the fire pit and don’t let the light get too large. If it’s been especially dry or windy lately, the park might even have special rules in place to help prevent wildfire. Make your fire with wood purchased at or near the campground. Bringing firewood from other areas can mean bringing along pests that aren’t native to the area you’re in, causing an infestation as the wood begins to burn.

Water Safety

Depending on where you camp, specific resources may be limited. Contact the park to ask about clean water sources in the area. If you are hiking away from a freshwater source, you either need to pack enough for the trip or be prepared to purify your own drinking water. You can purify water by pulling it from a source away from animals and then boiling it in a clean container. Dehydration is a leading cause of injury and hospitalization in campers and hikers. Even if you don’t think you’re thirsty, you still need to be taking in water throughout the day.
Camping is a beautiful way for the whole family to have fun. It’s up to you how modern you decide to make your camping trip but remembers not to overdo it! If you’re an inexperienced camper, it’s probably best to stick to a densely populated park that’s close to town.