Children need to be protected in their growing stages of life. As a parent, we try our best to make sure that our children are always in the safest environment. A parent is in charge of buckling their seatbelt in a car, & putting a helmet on their head when they ride a bike. A parent is also in charge of taking your child to get vaccinated. A vaccination is another form of safety to the child’s health.

A vaccination is when a doctor will inject dead or old viruses that are harmless to the child’s body. The white blood cells in the body will then adapt, attack & kill the virus. This prepares the body so it is ready in the event the virus comes in contact with the body again. If your child does not have a vaccination & gets a virus it could take the body days/weeks to build up the white blood cells. By this time the virus may have taken over & seriously affecting your child’s well being even resulting in death.

A vaccination is safe & very effective. Of course, there are some side effects such as:

  • coughing
  • redness round needlepoint
  • fever

do not worry these are normal. Vaccinations save lives & protect others around your child as well. Here at AFC Hillsdale, we offer vaccinations for children who are going back to school. You can give us a call at (201) 523-9222 or stop by we are walk-in friendly no appointment needed!