Thanksgiving is a great day to get your entire family together to give thanks and catch up on what’s been going on in everyone’s lives. You’ll have a chance to relax, watch a few football games and enjoy a hearty meal. However, there is a critical moment in your Thanksgiving festivities that can be filled with stress and anxiety: carving the turkey. Even the smallest distraction can lead to a laceration, requiring immediate medical attention to treat. If you are in charge of carving duties this year, follow these steps for a stress-free meal!

Wait 30 minutes after the turkey is done cooking

A turkey takes between three and five hours to cook, spending that time in direct heat while roasting in the oven. As it cooks, the natural juices from the meat will rise to the top, just under the skin. Cutting into the turkey immediately after it’s done cooking can lead to splatters of the scalding juices, which can burn your skin as well as those around you. Let the turkey cool for at least half an hour before you sit down to eat in order to have it at a manageable temperature.

Make sure your knives are sharp enough

A dull knife can cause more problems in the carving process than you may think. Rather than a smooth, quick cut, a dull knife can get caught in the meat and lead you to starts and stops when carving, which can make you more vulnerable to cuts. Make sure you run your knife through a sharpener prior to carving a turkey. A sharpener is a metal rod sold with most knife sets and can keep the edge smooth and sharp. Use a meat or serving fork to keep the turkey in place while carving, and consider using an electric knife for an easier cut and even slice.

Carve in a quiet, well-lit area

The slightest distraction can bring your festivities to a grinding halt in exchange for hours in a waiting room to get stitches. A well-lit space away from where you’re planning on dining allows you to see where you are cutting and making sure you are keeping a safe distance from your body and hands. Limiting the number of distractions around you will allow you to fully concentrate on the task at hand, safely carving and serving the turkey to your loved ones.

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