November is the beginning of cold and flu season which leaves many people wondering if and when they’ll get hit with an illness. Instead of waiting around to get sick, why don’t you take some steps to avoid it?

Increase Vitamin D Intake

Now is the perfect time to start making some healthy lifestyle changes! Lowering your body weight by just 5%, lowering your cholesterol, and exercising regularly are all excellent ways to raise your vitamin D levels naturally. Consider including more fatty fish in your diet, such as salmon, to up the vitamin D you get from the foods you’re eating. Oily fish is a great aid towards lowering cholesterol too!

Plant-based Dieting

It’s no secret that eating plants comes with a ton of health benefits, but this time of year it’s more important than ever. ALA and omega-3 are two things you should really focus on getting from a plant-based diet this month. Flaxseed and chia seeds are considered super food that is packed with ALA and help boost your immune system. Plant-based cooking oils have many health benefits as well. Walnuts are a great way to get your nutrients with healthy on-the-go snacking between all the holidays in November.


It can be hard to find the motivation to exercise as the days get shorter and the winter blues kick in, but training is the cure to improving your health this November! If going to the gym doesn’t motivate you, consider taking a group fitness class or even a dance class. Getting your heart rate up and blood pumping for 150 minutes a week will help you beat the winter blues and fatigue from November until spring.


Getting 8 hours of sleep a night is vital to your health year-round, but especially this time of year. Proper rest comes with a ton of health benefits including a boosted immune system to protect against the cold and flu! If you struggle to get 8 hours a night, consider setting a regular sleep schedule and sticking with it for November to see how much it improves your sleep quality.

Don’t Skimp on Antioxidants

Antioxidants are often boasted about by doctors and health nuts, but there’s a good reason for it. Antioxidant-rich foods are the best way to boost your immune system and overall health naturally. Fruits and veggies are filled with antioxidants, along with many herbal teas and juices!